Positive change can never be achieved by being placid. You need a surge of energy. You need to become Explosive. And it all starts with the way you think. Physical well-being can only be improved by mastering your mental well-being. My goal is to empower you with knowledge to enable you to think better and ask better and more relevant questions – by promoting understanding as well as information about what ultimately ensures physical well-being. To do this I focus on your health and well-being as an individual and do not use a one size fits all approach. As a result I do not use population standards and norms to distinguish what is a healthy norm and what is a non-healthy norm.

This causes unnecessary stress. I use your own personal standard or norm and strive to improve its levels continuously from there. Ultimately my training is based on the outcome of healthy emotion. Wellness to me is all about emotion. Wellness is a feeling. When you feel good you operate at a higher level both mentally and physically. Wellness is creating a conscious awareness of your well-being. I call this a shift in awareness – a shift in thinking. The better you think, the better you perform and the better you feel. I never focus on weight or a certain look. The shift comes from focussing on your own fitness level and improving it from where it is now. Looking good and dropping weight becomes a natural by-product when you become focussed on your health and your fitness. It’s really simple.

Become superbly fitter than what you currently are. Everything else will just fall into place. That is the true secret to achieving the body you want and deserve. Change your thinking. Move away from the ego. To be functionally fit on a holistic level, I apply the fundamentals that I know to be true from my own life experience. The fundamentals instilled within me are to be positive, to take responsibility for my obstacles and challenges, treating people well, working hard, being an innovator rather than a follower and then empowering others to become innovative and functional in their own lives. My programme is about innovation. I love to innovate. I’m always brining something new into the program whether it’s a new exercise or a new idea. And it has to start with me setting as an example in how I set goals, by being self-disciplined, caring for my health and valuing my well-being. Reaching the physical pinnacle of what you aim for is always about focusing on your Emotion and using it as your inspiration and motivation to feel the way you want to feel and realising the look you desire is simply the by-product of Health and Well-being. Start by committing to get out and get fresh air and sunshine.

To achieve a truly harmonic physical well-being, you need to integrate structured exercise into your life. By Exercise I don’t just mean physical exercise, but exercising your right to Health and Physical Well-being. Think of this structure as scaffolding with 3 elements – building stronger muscles, a stronger heart and ultimately a functionally fit body. Integrate these with a positive mind set, healthier emotions and you will begin to experience the feeling of wellness. My approach to fitness is fun and contagious. I inspire people to do what they never thought themselves capable of doing. My programme creates conscious awareness of your physical fitness which results in a fitter mind, body and mental wellness and ultimately emotional stability. Training incorporates most athletic disciplines, such as agility, speed, power, endurance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, mental agility. A shift in conscious awareness of the physical realm will eventually lead to a shift in the emotional and cognitive realm of awareness. It’s about being inspired to reach any physical goal regardless of the challenges you might face and maintaining the results for life. This is working on your mental fitness.

My philosophy behind Explosive Functional Fitness (EFF) Emotional Functional FitnessEFF allows you to take ownership of your functional well-being and behave like leaders, like CEO’s of your well-being. This will encourage you to be part of a solution and not of the problem. Anyone can do this from the unfit to the fittest – from the cleaner to the CEO. Without self-awareness it is impossible to make the necessary changes that will allow you to succeed in achieving your goals. Since your outer world will always end up reflecting your thoughts – you must choose positive, self-empowering thoughts that fit with and support your goals. To teach this I need to capture the heart of my clients. You need to feel, know and trust my integrity. There is a great saying by Maya Angelou – “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Perfect. Allow me to take time to slowly connect and create a philosophy of wellness within you.