Too many weight-loss experts make body transformation and weight-loss sound complicated. They lecture about the latest fitness trend, speak about counting calories, banting diets, zero-carb diets, fat-free diets, full fat diets and offer you something that will speed up the weight-loss and get you ultra toned. Some will tell you to take fat-loss pills or try the latest meal replacement fad and all will be fine – your fat will melt off.

Rubbish. Yes, building an amazing physique takes hard work. Of course, losing body fat, getting lean and fit takes sacrifice.

FACT: A key sign of body transformation is the ability to get up early every morning exercise in mind as your daily kick starter. And true, the right thing to do is generally the hardest thing to do – like preparing all your clean meals for the day and drinking only water when thirsty. But here is the good news: With daily, consistent determination in the direction of your planned Body Transformation Outcome and by applying the few fundamentals of weight-loss success, you really can get to the body shape you’ve always dreamed of getting into.

Transformation isn’t complicated. It’s really all about working the basics of fitness with “passionate consistency”. Consistency truly is a basic of fitness and weight loss success. Without consistency you will never reach your desired weight or fitness. It’s amazing how far you will get by just getting up for the morning workout and having your meals prepared for 7 consecutive days. Most people give up too early. As soon as the struggles of life happen, they give in to the temptations of sleeping in and leaving the food preparation unattended.

Stick to the fundamentals of body transformation and you’ll be perfectly fine with your weight-loss goal. What are those fundamentals? Setting a weight-loss goal, keeping a food journal, waking up early for exercise, taking responsibility for preparing your meals, treating your health well, working hard, drinking more water, staying away from sugar, adding another 45 minute exercise session in the afternoon, caring about the way your weight makes you feel, being self-disciplined and getting the help from a professional. You already know this stuff. Roger King is a client of ours. And he got it right when he spoke about loving consistency and practicing discipline to go from being heavily overweight to in shape in just 6 months.

Don’t complicate things. Getting into shape is simple. Not easy but simple. All it takes is lazer-like focus and consistent effort. The Mandela philosophy of The Long Walk to Freedom but beginning with a single step is true. Do a little each day to get to your personal weight-loss goal, then look back over your shoulder and feel amazed by how far you have come each and every day. Over time you will get there. It’s the small daily breakthroughs each day that will ultimately reach you to your ultimate body transformation and weight-loss goal.

Committed to your success,

Team EFF bootcamp