This is your invitation to join the year end 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Programme, so now’s the time to make a decision.
If you’re on the fence about joining EFF bootcamp then let’s start you off with a short 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Programme. Before you decide to try my programme, I wanted to share an actual Instagram post we got from one of our members.
She’s a mommy, and she’s so inspiring. More importantly, it’s the kind of post I hope you tag us in soon after you go through the 21 Day Programme yourself and your fat starts falling off.

Anyway, the Instagram post is from a member named Nabeelah Hendricks (no we not related :). She is a full time working mom of two children, a loving wife and she studies part time. Having all these responsibilities and children that are spaced one  year five months apart, she neglected her health and added an extra 15kgs of weight after the birth of her first child. Studying part time as well as been a wife and mother can take away family time and cause a lot of guilt when trying to still make more time for exercise.

Within a few months of investing in herself first so that she can serve her family better, Nabeelah used what she has learnt from the EFF programmes and now she is so proud about where she is today. She decided to take massive action, and 10X her efforts anyway. She realised that making fitness and nutrition priority, she instills those values into her family at an early age and she is never going to feel guilty about looking after herself again!

Awesome stuff Nabeelah! Great work. Love it. Way to crush it!


What would be possible for you and your fitness goals when you tap into this results driven fitness framework? Take on my short programme and let’s find out together.

I’m offering this programme till December 1st before I shut it down till next year. Go through my short 21 day programme for only R499 once off and if it’s not a good fit, you can just let me within 30 days and I’ll refund your money, 100%.

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