Many of the elderly cannot afford to house, clothe, feed themselves, pay for healthcare and transportation on R 1500 per month – the social pension – the only source of income for the majority of State pensioners in South Africa. 

When we have a generation of people virtually on the breadline, where most days are about survival. As Explosive Functional Fitness (EFF), we do accept the notion that people should not merely survive, as we want them to thrive. We can’t necessarily solve all of the world’s problems, but we can make an impact of some sort. That led us to a thought for Valentines day. 

In our capacity we will try to help a different charity every month, in the case of February 2017, we are helping two. Learning in Reach, with a gardening project in Lavender Hill. In addition to this, we identified a local non-profit organisation called Noah that works with the elderly in our catchment area Woodstock!

Our approach is to invite anyone that is not currently a member of EFF to take part in our #Sweat4Change #ShowTheLove promotion. 

How it works

On the afternoon of the 14th February, Valentines Day, till 28th February, bring a valentines gift of your choice and earn yourself a place in our 14 Day Fitness and Weight-loss system. It’s a win win situation. Someone unexpectedly gets a surprise and feels loved. You get to participate in an innovative fitness programme that will show your mind, body and soul some much needed love. You will receive either a one on one or group consultation to set goals, go over meal plans that suit your needs and take a few measurements as we help you with accountability. Basically we are giving every 14 day programme member the royal treatment we give our clients until they reach their personal 14 day goal. No matter what your goal, we will guide the entire process for 14 days in exchange for some love. This is why we giving it the hashtag #ShowTheLove

All you have to do is bring any gift over the value of R50 for an elderly person and then book an appointment for your 14 day programme by replying to this email.

Hope to see you on Valentines Day at 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town, as you show the love, we will show you some love!


More about NOAH

NOAH believes that by supporting State pensioners to remain independent, we are not only reducing the burden of care for families, communities and the State, but we are enabling them to be contributors to society, supporting these families and strengthening communities.