G.C.U aims to deal with notorious gangsterism and high youth-unemployment problems in volatile neighbourhoods.We start from the root, which is the education-based poverty trap in impoverished communities.We partner with local primary and high schools to provide mentoring, sports and after-school programs to engage children within their schools. We then provide them with academic support through our educational program and make sure they have the necessary individual attention to do well in class. We nurture them as well as their dreams so that they can become functional members of society, breaking the cycles that stunt their growth.

As part of our March #Sweat4Change drive, we are aiming to donate enough money to supply 500 tennis balls for G.C.U’s growing tennis programme and we hope to create our own local superstar out of the Cape Flats.

To help this drive all you have to do is Check-In on Facebook before your workout, choose Explosive Functional Fitness and add the hashtag #Sweat4Change. During March, lets fight childhood gangsterism and high youth-unemployment problems on the Cape Flats.

Every time that you check into Explosive Functional Fitness Boot Camp on Facebook we can change another life forever, so keep on checking in and keep on changing lives… use the powerful hashtag #sweat4change. It’s a great way to remind your friends of why you’re checking in!