So many people train hard and still end up seeing very little results. Or their results are like a roller coaster, one week the body weight is down, the next week it’s up by 2kgs. The 3 main reasons for this fluctuation is consistency, trying to out train a bad diet and incorrect exercises or intensity during the workout.


When I speak about consistency, this is what I mean. People will come back from a week, 2 weeks or a 3 week lay off from exercise or healthy living and go straight into thinking they going to train every day as hard as possible. They then soon realise after session one, that’s not going to happen. They feel demotivated, they stop and repeat the cycle over and over again. Start off at a snail pace and decide on only getting through 3 sessions for the week instead of 5 or 6 sessions. There needs to be a consistent and slow build up on sessions over a 4 week period then go back to another slow week at week 5 and use the same build up.

Exercise and Intensity 

Then you have the case where you going to your class or doing some sort of exercise (if you not doing group classes), but you not really getting a proper workout because you not pushing yourself or you do not know what to do to get fit and get results.


Eating anything or what I like to call “winging” your day on unplanned food, causes energy levels to fluctuate which affects emotion, mood and motivation.  The main reason for this fluctuation is caused by the crap that people eat and what they assume is healthy and ok.

Here are some basic eating principles that will help you overcome the procastantion phase of clean eating with proper training. These principles will help you stay focused, aware and conscious.

Water is SUPER important! As a rule of thumb – drink 500ml water every day within the first 5 minutes of waking up. This boost your metabolism first thing and puts you in the state of mind to dominate the day. Have your 500ml bottle filled and ready at the bedside.

Be prepared to cut down on all your sugars and all your junk food, as much alcohol and beers as possible and all your sweetened soda drinks, all your juices.


Drink more water more often.

Be ready to allow and embrace change into your lifestyle. Focus on cleaner eating, healthier options, your daily energy levels and your clarity and state of mindset. Become more focussed and build an awareness to food consumption over the next 30 days.

You need to consume quality meals every day for energy purposes not for weight loss. Quality in – Quality out. If you going to put in crap you going to feel like crap.


Here are my suggestions: I know that no one type of diet fits everyone. But I would urge you to experiment with everything. So try using this method start to process.

  • I suggest eating 3-4 meals per day. Space them out 3 hours apart. If you putting in more than a 10 hour training week then go for more meals per day as energy requirements will go up.
  • You must have a protein with every meal. Especially if you training those muscles.
  • Choose between a Veg/Complex Carb/Fat for energy per meal.
  • Drink water in between meals with an apple as an energy top up if required.
  • Chose your meals wisely based on energy output per meal.
Try this example for your Meal 1: SCRAMBLED EGG & TOAST
2-3 Large Eggs (Protein = Recovery and Repair)
1 Slice Whole-wheat Low GI Bread (Carb = Energy)
 ½ Tbsp. Mayonnaise (Fat = Energy)
Butter on toast (Fat = Energy)
Cooking spray to grease the pan.

After you eat this meal. Do the following:

Note the Time – This meal should give you more than 3 hours of energy and you should not crave snacking for for at least 2 hours 30 minutes. Therefore feeling satisfied.

Any meal that does not give you energy for more than 2hrs 30mins or makes you crave something before the 2hour mark is not a good meal choice, especially if eating only 3 times per day.
Keep drinking water between meals and top your energy up with an apple instead.
Always prepare meals at least a day in advance to make things easier. Try to stick to the same daily menu from Monday through to Sunday and change your menu every week. It’s best this way. This method will allow you to plan and prepare better. When you are prepared you are more likely to take massive action. When preparation fades, excuses will come at every angle. Be aware. 


Once you got this behaviour mastered, then allow space for the odd piece of cake, ice-cream, chocolate, milkshake or burger king meal. If you eating 90% of the time healthy then allow yourself that 10% junk. I do it!At the very end, any diet will work for weight loss while training and getting the body you desire so much. The fitter you become the more healthy calories you will want to consume. You want to learn how to consume more water and make quality food choices. THIS IS A BEHAVIOUR PATTERN THAT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO MASTER.

Coach G