When all those public holidays and long weekends are over, it’s time to grab that training gear and get back to the grindstone.


After even just a few days off, coming back to exercise can be tough. The battle to start awaits, the feeling of heaviness and sluggishness is telling you start—it’s another day telling yourself tomorrow you will start.

But before you get trapped in the repetitive ‘tomorrow start’, consider the following tips for a smooth return to the results you want. With the right attitude and plan of attack, you’ll be out of your post-holiday slump in no time.

Schedule a Planned Week

If you know your long term fitness goal, look at it again, then schedule your first week back in training. If you planning on starting today because you not prepared, then schedule the rest of the week at least. Start off with 3-4 training days scheduled and planned with times and exercise types. (If you work with EFF then you know we do that for you already).

Come Back Refreshed

Sure, you’d probably much rather continue to indulge in sleep-ins and family braai’s, but instead of dwelling on the fact that those long-weekends are over, focus on reaping the benefits from your time off. A full night’s sleep, a break from the fast-paced stress of the office, a mental and physical break from your desk—these are all things that you’re probably not used to getting, so they should help you feel refreshed and ready to focus on the new improved you.

Motivate Yourself

OK, OK. If it’s not enough to remind yourself of how renewed you should feel after the time off, read or watch a motivational piece the morning of your first day back. Pick up a motivational book, listen to your favourite song, say a few mantras, pray or watch a motivational Youtube video instead of just “getting on with it”. A pick-me-up will sweeten your morning enough to propel your planned exercise session later.

Arrive With A Pre-Workout Plan

On the hour of your return to exercise, plan to start drinking more water and get yourself focused. Set your alarm as a reminder. Eat an apple and drink another 500ml of water fifteen minutes before your workout.

Don’t Overcommit

Your first week back is guaranteed to be busy, so with that knowledge, don’t overcommit to pushing yourself hard. If you plan to push but realise you don’t have the energy, you’re bound to overwhelm yourself. Potentially this could make you feel demotivated.
When a planned workout did not happen, immediately reschedule the entire week again. If you planned a morning workout but had a rough start, then schedule it in for later the afternoon or evening. By giving yourself additional time to prepare, you’ll feel more in control.

Be the Rock

If you are experiencing the post-holiday slump, chances are your officemates are feeling it, too. So instead of commiserating with your co-workers, provide a positive example by drinking more water, eating healthier and maintaining an optimistic “I’m reaching my goal” attitude. Your morale will influence everyone around you and you will quickly rise back to getting yourself fit and in shape.  Refuse to let yourself forget that you planned a mission this year to get yourself healthier and looking leaner than ever before.

As you transition into post-holiday life, let your time away from the office fuel your work ethic rather than stifle it. Dive into Winter anticipating major accomplishments for a greater fitness level and improved body shape.