Sure, you do your best to eat healthy and live a fit and active lifestyle, but you’re still not satisfied with your body. Day after day of eating salads and hitting the gym and your body isn’t changing.

It’s frustrating.

And yet there are people, whom you know personally, with phenomenal bodies and very little body fat. What are they doing differently than you? You work out and eat healthy too! Why doesn’t your body look like theirs?

What’s the big secret that they know about losing fat, getting lean, and looking amazing?

The answer is as simple as it is difficult: Avoid Sugar and train consistently at least 4 days out of a 7 day week.

While you do your best to eat healthy, do you know how much sugar you are actually consuming everyday? The answer will surprise you.

Most people will eat well for one day then try to out train bad eating the next day. This is the cycle that gets them nowhere slowly.  How much sugar do you eat? How often do you actually train every week over 4 weeks? Write down the sugar count on everything you eat for the next few days and then find your average sugar gram intake. Now make a note of your training days and the intensity of each day you train for 4 weeks.

Part of the problem is that food is used for the wrong reason. You might see or think of something that is not on your diet plan and you go get it. You might eat a healthy meal but then add something extra on the side because you know the meal won’t fill you. You ate a muffin in the morning because you just had a good morning workout and the rest of the day turns to uncontrolled eating. You just cannot stop snacking on those peanuts and raisins that is making your daily caloric count sky rocket, adding on the kilos the next day, although you working out.

What’s the big deal about taking in a lot of sugar and not training consistently? Well, you won’t achieve a lean body while consuming a lot of sugar and training only twice per week. So if you choose to indulge in sugar and refuse to get active then forget about strutting your stuff on the beach this year.

Aesthetics aside, a high sugar intake is detrimental to your health as it causes your cells and organs to become acidic and a breeding ground for disease.

Going back to that guy or gal that you know who is perpetually lean and fit…you can bet that their diet is extremely low in sugar and they most probably train every day. A low sugar diet and healthy fitness plan is the key to keeping lean and fit.

Take the next week to cut out all added sugars from your diet. Try honey instead of sugar in your tea. Try dates instead of the pack of sweets. Try fasting for a few more hours before eating a meal. Check in with your weight and your energy levels at the end of seven days and note any difference. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you’ll see results in both your weight and energy levels by making this simple, conscious move to avoid sugar and to remain consistent with your fitness plan.

Diet is only half of the equation when it comes to having a sexy, fit body. Exercise is the other half of the coin, and that’s where EFF comes in.

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