Junk food tastes annoyingly good. There’s a reason for this – the food companies actually formulate each bite for maximum craveability with a specialised balance of sugar, fat and salt.

But while junk food tastes like another… it’s detrimental to your fat loss results.

Just look at our client results in one week after following just 4 Simple Rules :

4 Rules to dropping 3 – 6 kilograms FAST! Do this for one week and see amazingly fast results! 

Rule #1

  • Avoid all white carbs
    • potatoes
    • cereal
    • cous cous
    • tacos
    • bread
    • brown rice
    • white rice
    • dairy products
  • Include transitional grains
    • Quinoa
    • Millet
    • amaranth
    • LEGUMES – lentils, beans etc

Rule #2

  • Eat the same meals over and over again… why ?
    • More variety equals more complexity = More confusion
    • GREATER chance of sticking to the diet
    • Allows you to make batch meals and keep in the fridge
  • BONUS Cook Tip and Meal Prep – Choose one food item out of each 3 categories on your plate


Egg, Chicken, Beef, Fish


Lentils Black beans Red beans Soya beans



Mixed veg


Peas, Broccoli, Avo, Tomato, cumcumber, string beans etc

Rule #3

  • Don’t drink calories
  • ONLY drink all unsweetened tea, coffee & water as you like
  • Juices and soft drinks are out
  • Diet drinks are out ? The chemical in diet drinks has been correlated with weight gain
  • If you really must > 400ml per day diet drinks
  • No beer
  • Red Wine – no more than 2 classes per day
    • Pinot Noire
    • Cab Sav
    • Merlot
  • White Wine – no more than 2 glasses per day
    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Albarino

Rule #4

  • Don’t eat fruit
  • Supplement your diet with oils
    • Omegas
    • MCT Oil
    • Krill Oil

Eat anywhere from 2 to 6 meals per day – get into an interval based eating routine. Does not really matter how many meals you eat – just don’t snack in between meals. Stick to eating meals that are spaced out according to your perfect day. So if you only eat at 2pm as your first meal … cool. Just stick to the rules and you will be good!

When your diet is filled with junk foods  and sugar then that is what your taste buds will crave, but as you shift to a diet that is filled with fresh, nutritious foods then your taste buds will forget all about that old junk food. Stick with it, one day at a time, for 6 days and see amazing results !

Bonus Rule #5

  • On day 7 Screw the rules!
  • Calorie Spike for 1 day from 8am till 8pm – chose either Day 7 or on Day 6
    • Go mental – eat anything you want and as much as you want!
    • Makes diet/lifestyle change more sustainable