There’s a lot of talk today about the importance of eating healthy.

You hear it from your doctor, your coaches, on the news, in magazines and online. The consensus is clear: in order to have your best body in good health, you must eat healthy 90% of the time. Purists would say 100% but I think majority of people just want improved levels of health and still indulge 10%. 

Unfortunately for most, healthy eating is a confusing concept.

There’s so much contradicting information out there about what is or isn’t healthy that even the most well informed dieter becomes overwhelmed.

Should you eat a grain free diet? What about dairy? What about fat? Is it OK to include fruit? What about rice? How about these granola bars that are labelled as heart healthy?

It’s enough to drive you crazy!

The most common reaction to this confusion is to give up. Why continue to strive for a healthy diet when a granola bar that’s mostly made with refined sugar is marketed as healthy?

I’m going to clear up some of the confusion for you with this very simple, very effective healthy eating tip: Eat lower refined sugar.

By eating low refined sugar I mean check the sugar grams on each thing that you eat throughout the day, and only eat items that contain low single digit or zero refined sugar grams. Organic sugar for me is like a red bull, so use it like you would, for energy. Water + fruit is nice spike of energy to use.

This single strategy will cut out a majority of the confusion surrounding healthy eating. Since eating items that are high in refined sugar is the biggest downfall of most dieters, by honing in on refined sugar grams you can avoid many bad food choices.

Are there other aspects to eating healthy, such as including enough lean protein and fibre-filled veggies in your diet? You of course! And once you have grown accustomed to eating low sugar then you should work on increasing your fibre and protein, but for now simply work on cutting out refined sugar.

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