We are living in a consumerist world. Access to anything you desire is literally a key stroke away.

There’s one-click ordering. There’s food delivery in 30 minutes or less. There’s credit available with the swipe of a card. And it’s only going to speed it.

More so than any time in history, we have forgotten the art of sacrifice or fasting.

Can you blame us?

The problem with this have-it-all-right-now mindset is that real accomplishments require sacrifice and delayed gratification.

Everyone can get into incredible shape. I will tell you why… Because You would not be wasting your time reading my blog about how to achieve your goals. Right?

You want to achieve your goals and you know you can…

The single best way to get results requires sacrifice and delayed gratification. You give up your time, you invest your attention and efforts, you put in the time. And then you achieved your goal and experienced that sweet satisfaction. What motivates me is seeing the success of other people fuelled by something they saw or found in me. Seeing our clients win makes us feel like we’re winning… It’s an addiction for us, it fuels our motivation.

Learning how to sacrifice and delay gratification, rather than getting something right now, is a skill set. This skill set can grow as you use it more often. Just like a muscle that becomes stronger under resistance, your ability to sacrifice your immediate needs in favour of a larger accomplishment will improve the more you use it.

Sacrifice and delayed gratification are the name of the game when it comes to getting into great shape. Get comfortable with sacrifice and you’ll achieve any goal.

I know that’s not what any of us want to hear. We’d prefer the one-click-to-dream-body button over months of a controlled diet plan and challenging workouts. But by embracing and enhancing your ability to sacrifice you’ll gain traction on all of your big life goals, including getting that dream body.