Meal prep is without a doubt one of the most reliable ways to consistently shed kilos, week after week.

Before you ever step foot in the kitchen to start the process of cooking and packing your meals, it is important to get an overview plan of your needs.
Having someone help you with this portion of the process is key to making sure that you pack and eat exactly the nutrients and in the portions that will get you to your fat goals.

This method works for delivering major fat loss results for a multitude of reasons:
It eliminates mindless eating.
It ensures that every bite is approved.
It controls calorie and nutritional counts.
It plans when the nutrients will be consumed.

Coach Nico has prepared an amazing vegetable and lentil mix that is great for meal prepping enjoy it with a protein like, eggs fish, steak or beef whatever your preference!


What you’ll need?


1 Onion

2 Cubes of garlic

Sweet potato/ potato optional

Pepper of your choice

1 can corn

1 can peas

1 can mixed beans

1 can chickpeas optional

2 packs of mushrooms

Green beans


Baby marrow

1 bag lentils

Spices  of your choice



Dice up all your vegetables.

Cook  up your lentils.

Then braes onion in some olive oil until they are nice and brown add your garlic.

Add spices of your choice.

Cook or steam your vegetables. Vegetables that take longer to prepare to add them first, and those that take less time to add them last.

Add all your vegetables together.

Now add your beans and lastly add your cooked up lentils.

Allow everything to cook together for a few minutes and you are ready! Enjoy this dish with any kind of protein or on its own.


Click the link below and watch as coach Nico prepares this deliciously easy dish.