You’ve been bought, you are for sale.

Let me clarify that—your will to win is for sale.

There is an old saying, “Everyone has a price”, right?

That price, for many, comes when they feel they have “hit the goal.”

It could be getting a six pack, it might be losing 10kgs, or for some it may even be losing 100kgs. It’s all relative, but the point is, when you reach a certain goal, you begin to feel like you have enough.

At the time when you feel you have enough is the point when you quit.

You quit pushing yourself more, you quit trying to improve, you hang up the cleats, and you call it.

This is where you begin to take it easy because you’re satisfied with the status quo.

You’ve been bought. You were sold on the idea that you don’t need more by people who are not pursuing what you want, which is BEYOND AWESOME RESULTS!

You reached a certain goal, and now you pack away your training gear and are no longer playing for more—you’re done.

People who are finished no longer play the game. It’s no longer advance and conquer, it’s sitting back and conserve what you have and hope you can maintain the results. For us at EFF, we will not stop pushing to help more people, because to do so would be selfish. We never going to be satisfied knowing there is 7 billion people on that planet and we only impacting 200 000.

The more we can impact, the more value we can give.

This is why I tell my team to never be selfish—if we become satisfied with providing a service to only 600 people in one facility for ourselves when we could be pushing for more and really help out our whole community, even the whole world if we wanted.

10x life

When is enough, enough?”

The answer to that question is simple. “Never.”

Enough is never enough if you have enough of a reason to keep pushing.

We know our purpose, and we know that we have not helped enough people yet… and we know we can help more people.

Our potential has not been reached because we can—and must—do more.


And then we’ll look for some more.

By the way, if you’re anything like the EFF community and you want more, if you DON’T have enough of us…

Join us for at least 1 full year. Our goal is to help you literally 10X your results.

Because you need more energy, improved health, improved fitness and more results.

And that’s not selfish.

Be Great,


Team EFF

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