Have you started a diet or maybe you’ve ventured into cleaner eating habits and tried to exercise daily only to get hit with one roadblock and setback after another?

Failed diets. Colds and flus. Lack of motivation. Discipline issues.
Do you just need some help? Some advice from somebody who’s already been there? Someone to make sure you follow through on the changes you want to implement?

Behind every successful person
, there’s a coach or mentor who helped them along the way by pushing them to act, being their sounding board, sharing their experiences and holding them accountable.

You’ll find at EFF Bootcamp, everyone is invested in your success as long as you show up, continue to grow and execute on your action plan.

What does a coach get out of the relationship? Added value from your weekly success accountability weigh-ins, a fresh perspective, new knowledge, and a different perspective, plus the satisfaction of giving back and helping someone else.

Here Are 5 Successful Body Transformation Tips
1. Never settle for a coach/mentor who doesn’t inspire you or who isn’t at the level where you want to be.
2. Your coach/mentor is there to help you win.

3. Don’t rely on motivation, rely on habit.

4. Don’t look online for pictures to motivate you, use a coach.5. Be patient with the process. What you’re building is meant to last a lifetime

The Game Changer Challenge starts July 27th.

It’s a 6 Week Programme based on diet and training strategy, accountability on another level, paired with the opportunity to drop between 5kg and 18kgs and a couple of pants and dress sizes by September 7th.

We’re looking for 25 more woman and 10 more men with strong self-belief, who are willing to learn a solid diet and exercise strategy… Which is precisely why it’s such an excellent showcase for confident, men and women with a burning desire to drop weight, get fit and feel GREAT by September 7th.

Learn more about this opportunity before the doors are shut.