Before joining EFF Tasneem described her lifestyle as unhealthy and lacking energy. With a big smile on her face she compares her daily routine to what it currently is… always planned around how she is able to fit a class into her day.
Tasneem say’s with 7 classes to choose from there is always an opportunity to train no matter how busy her schedule might be.
With the correct diet and an amazing routine Tasneem lost 20 Kg’s, here’s one tip she shared with us. “Be patient and remember it is all about consistency, know that results won’t come over night”. But it can come sooner if you put in the work and have a game plan. Well done on your great achievement!
The Game Changer Challenge starts this Saturday July 27th.
It’s a 6 Week Programme based on diet and training strategy, accountability on another level, paired with the opportunity to drop between 5kg and 18kgs and a couple pants and dress sizes by September 7th.
If you are ready to take massive ACTION and join this fun challenge then >>> Click here to reserve your seat!