So how does one embrace the power of each choice and make the most of every day, and allow it to push you through to your goal?

Before joining EFF Leslie says he was weighing over 95 kg’s. He was eating unhealthy and unhappy with his weight. As a trainer he felt this was very contradicting as he was helping others feel good and lose off the excess fat but not able to help himself.

He knew he needed to make a change both mentally and physically, so with the help of team EFF motivating him and holding him accountable. He set a goal for himself went all in, and dominated. Leslie confidently shares that he is now only 1 kg away from achieving his ultimate weight loss goal of 25 kg’s and maintaining it! We are so proud to share your achievement well done “Coach Les”!

Find your support! Creating an accountability group can help you accomplish what you often can’t do on your own.

When it comes to goal setting, find your circle of support which means being held responsible for the achievement of your goal! Who will ask you about your goals, support you in achieving them, and celebrate with you when you do.

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