Are you at a point where you feel ready to take yourself to the next level, but not sure how you’d make it happen?

When you want to succeed in new ways, what are the next couple of moves you must take?

There are a dozen significant ways you can help yourself get from where you are to where you want to be, but there is one particular way that works for us here at EFF. It is a very simple one but it works every single time and helps our members achieve greatness as they take on their transformation journeys.

Here it is…


Don’t allow yesterday’s mistakes to make you afraid of tomorrow. Instead of getting swept up in the past, bring forward only the things that will help you succeed in the future. Everyone has setbacks and challenges in Eugene’s case, this was not making any progress towards getting to his weight-loss goal. But dispite all he made a decision, to block out the dissapointment, take in the advice he recieved and move the needle forward.

Eugene is still pushing towards his ultimate goal and since joining our programme he has lost 7 kg’s in just 4 weeks. Well done Eugene! Come join our 14 Day Fat Furnace Challenge this programme is designed to help you get results fast, all you need to do is follow the plan set out for you>>>

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