When taking on any new challenge it requires a little time and practice before it becomes your habit. That is why it’s important to keep on striving towards finding the best version of yourself and never give up.

For member Kim looking back the journey was a tough one, he said he remembers his very first consultation at EFF and admits to feeling disinclined to what his coach advised him. Kim knew he needed to shift his mindset in order for change to happen. 

So he said to himself, let’s give it a try it and he never looked back since making the decision to follow a healthier lifestyle with us by his side.  

Kim has lost an amazing 10kg’s and he says what he loves most about training with EFF is how convenient the time schedule is to slot into his day. 
An early morning workout offers numerous benefits for him that other times of the day just can’t provide! It gets him pumped and ready to dominate the day.

The journey to transformtion is’nt an easy one bit if you venture out, the tests and hardships you meet along the way will boost your courage and help you become more than we ever thought possible. Well done Kim!