When you embrace the fact that you have inherent power, you’ll find that you’re never without it. Member Marriane say’s she was always afraid of pushing herself after having struggled with a knee injury for more than a year.

All of that changed after she joined EFF Bootcamp, Marriane say’s she regained her confidence in training and pushing herself, she made a  breakthough in her fitness by doing things she never thought was possible. Like completing a 50 km race, tremendously increasing her upper body strength and dominating her fitness tests.

Marrriane say’s she loves the motivation and support she recieves at EFF “it feels like you are part of a family, when we get split into teams we make friends and catch up on each others progress and milestones”. Watch her testimonial video

Your achievements should always bring out the best inside of you. They should build you up and help you believe that you can achieve the next goal in front of you.

Everyone has power. You just have to believe in yourself!⁠ With hard work and dedication, ANYTHING is possible!

Become an action taker! Whatever your goal is we can hep you reach it! One of the best ways to start is by joining other like-minded people to the best high end fitness, goal setting and accountability system of all-time!

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