At EFF  we HIGHLY RECOMMENDED the following but it’s not mandatory…

Training to get fit and to be more active is a no brainier for fast results. The only way to get toned, lose weight, build more muscle is wanting greater FITNESS. Improving lung, muscle and heart capacity is fitness. Improved fitness is what gives results.

Tip: Morning workouts will give you faster results

Either 5:30am or 6:30am class to start your day is the best choice for best results. Include double workouts or back to backs after or/ during week 2 till week 4. Build from 1 per week to max 3 per week.

Morning & Evening workouts seems to have best results over back2back workouts. Start the day with 500ml water on an empty stomach every morning. Pre-workout: 500ml water plus an apple for energy spike before every workout yields an hour worth of energy.

Stick to your training regiment. No skipping training days.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to set a big goal like dropping 10kg or more – Then you are required more than just the minimum training requirements below. If you would like to set a goal and workout regime with us contact us today!