Maybe you went to a friends birthday party and had a bunch of guacamole.

Although guacamole is not too bad.. “It’s full of healthy fats.”

But you chased it down with a bag of chips and a couple glasses of wine. 

Later you find yourself at a place where the
 weekends have added up. Things got out of hand, and now your’re still holding on to some unwanted fat around your waist.

Well that’s a big problem because SUMMER holiday is literally a few weeks away.

And yes… this might sound cliche but what if we told you the solution to getting you Super Lean and Toned in just 6 weeks is only a few clicks away!

We are getting ready for our year end Game Changer Transformation Challenge and we’d like to invite you to our Game Changer Orientation Workshop Saturday, November 9th! 

Why would you want to join the workshop? Keep reading…

You see this isn’t a your typical 6 week workout program that an average gym or trainer would throw together after a weekend. Heck no!

It is a specialized training programme designed to strip body fat and get you lean and tight in record time.

During this challenge you will learn how to: 

Get Focused – Get a clear plan on what you need to do to get into shape and become a Game Changer. Get weekly one on one accountability follow ups so that you have a traceable record of your results. Never Lose Focus.

Clean Up Your Diet – 
Learn what to eat and what not to eat for effective results. Learn how to document and record what you are eating so that you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

Get The Game Changer Blueprints – 
You will learn a proven training and fat-loss method that will change your body for life for ever!

We’ve created these with the specific purpose of putting you in a fat burning zone for 24 hours each day (even when you are sleeping).

But here’s the thing – we need to know if you are GAME!

What makes this Game Changer Challenge so different?

Many people struggle to transform their desire for fitness and weight-loss into action, we understand that motivation, support and regular following up is key. So the Game Changer Challenge will provide the blueprint that guides, supports, motivates and follows-up, which creates a system that guarantees results; so that you feel more focused, more supported and less likely to quit after you start. 

What’s our Refundable Investment?

To book your spot all you need to do is to register and book your spot online. You will automatically be put on the “action taker” list so you get access first. We have a limited number of spots available.

Click HERE to learn more about the challenge and see whether it’s a good fit for you.