Losing weight is truly a mind game. Looking back member Ghodeejah say’s she always assumed that she had no time for execise.

Being a student demands lots of her time and she never though it be possible to fit it into her busy schedule until she came across EFF.  

“Whatever food I could find I would eat it… until all the junk food eventually started showing”. click here to watch the video

Ghodeejah say’s she needed to make herself a priority and become more conscious about her health and well-being and just like any goal the beginning of a new journey can start with a war inside your head (fear, excitement, worry, motivation). “I love everything about EFF Bootcamp, it’s very relaxed and I soon became very comfortable with the environment”.

Only you can convince yourself that it is time to make a change, and only you can trick yourself into thinking that you can’t do it. 30 kg’s later Ghodeejah  say’s that physical activity actually helps her focus. After coming home from a workout she is more focused than ever. She also mentions apart from losing all the weight her confidence has improved so much she is publicly speaking at conferences and it feels amazing! Well done Ghodeejah we are so proud of your achievement.

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