Recovery and sleep helps your metabolism soar and gives you more energy. Energy makes you productive and passionate. That helps you to stay disciplined, and make body transformation changes.

So what are some good sleep habits you can start developing right now??

Here are four that we highly recommend at EFF! 

Habit 1 Set a “ready for bedtime” alarm

Don’t get so caught up working late at night, surfing the internet, or watching Netflix or YouTube, that by the time you decide to go to bed you are already almost asleep. You wake up and realize how late it is, turn off the electronics and lights feeling overly exhausted. Make a conscious decision on the specific time you want to start getting ready for bed each evening, and set an alarm to start your nightly routine, so you have enough time to wind down from your day.

Habit 2 Get undressed, brush your teeth and go to your bed

Don’t make a habit of falling asleep on your couch, chair, desk or even on your bed with all your clothes still on, and without brushing your teeth. Make sure you set up a good habit of actually sleeping in your bed.

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is not just for better teeth health. It also stops you from consuming food before bed because the act itself is making a conscious decision to end the thought of snacking or food before bed. Once you’ve brushed your teeth that’s it, you made a decision that you’ve consumed enough food for the day, time to settle down.

Habit 3 Follow your evening routine 

Follow the evening routine we discussed and outlined in the last chapter focusing on gratitude, your daily goals, and putting your screen away. This will keep you focused and grounded in your body transformation vision, and will make you less distracted at bedtime.

Habit 4 Write down your thoughts

Try falling asleep while thoughts are lingering in your head! We recommend you keep a pen and notebook next to your bed. Writing things down on a piece of paper allows you to sleep with ease since your mind won’t have to work hard trying to workout complicated situations, circumstances or pressures that are keeping you off track.

You can’t make the workout you plan the next day if you are tired every day, so incorporate these best practices into your nightly routine for the next 28 days. Make sure you get sleep so you can wake up early with other Game Changers.

Hope you found this valuable!

Team EFF