There really is no secret when it come to Body Transformation

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s also the truest.
Maybe you thought that there was some simple secret to getting your best body ever. 

Making one big change to your lifestyle isn’t enough. When it comes to body transformation there is no single thing that can help you just listen to Lucy’s journey, and you’ll realized it’s a combination of a good diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes that needs to be implemented.

Lucy’s weight-loss journey started 4 years ago but she didn’t understand the process of weight-loss or see any results. By joining EFF​​ Bootcamp she learned how to eat better, she saw immediate results, her endurance dramatically increased and she’s able to hit small personal fitness and strength targets.

Lucy say’s she is determined to give 200% and stay focused on doing more and increasing her strength going forward. A tip by Lucy “Choose you, don’t do it for anyone else and find something you enjoy doing because that will make you want to do it everyday”.

At EFF we have built a world-class community that’s made to build you, give you the support you need throughout your journey, and highlight the successes.

Too many people try to go through the journey alone. At an EFF bootcamp, we have hundreds of people fighting the same fight and helping each other along the way through the good days and the bad.