We know this far too well, more simplicity means less confusion for your weight loss. Meet our Tygervalley Game Changer Jeff, in one week he managed to drop 9 kg’s. Don’t believe it? Watch this?

Jeff says it all started at the Game Changer talk, listening to the coach and people’s testimonies and experiences really inspired him to take massive action!

“Before I would just take the day as it comes, planning my day was never really something I did but I now I actually sit down, I plan my day and I try to stick to it. I’ve been 90% successful in sticking to my day and I’ve made it work for me, work sometimes gets in the way but it’s all about sticking to what you’ve planned out to achieve for that particular day”.

A tip – If you really want to make things easier for yourself when it comes to your diet, make a lot of the same thing, refrigerate it and continue eating the same meals until you are bored with it.

Eating the same thing over and over ensures that energy requirements are always met and RESULTS comes faster, then lastly stick to a workout routine, plan around how you will fit a workout session into your schedule and stick with it like Jeff has successfully done! Well done on your 1 week achievement Jeff, keep the momentum going!

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