Being real with yourself about your intentions and goals requires blunt and truthful transparency. If you’re tired of being tired, then you need change.

About 2 months ago Shanice, started an Instagram page where she creates 30 day challenges for herself with the goal of physically and mentally testing her strenghth and fitness level!

“I wanted to become more active and dedicated to my to my training and restructure the way I do things. So I woke up one morning and decided to do a 30 day challenge. Knowing that I have to wake up everyday and do the same thing really helped me become more focused. My workouts at EFF went from 2 days per week to 4 to 5 days per week because I knew I had to focus on both work my challenge and bootcamp” .

“My confidence really boosted because I realized that I had to change my mindset in order to progress… Within 25 days I saw results with both EFF and my challenge combined and that really gave me a boost to take it even further. Change your can’ts to can’s and find something that is going to challenge you everyday and you will become more focused in that mindset. I implemented meditation because it all starts with your mind before it starts with your body”!

Today is a big deal. Today is all you have. Make the most of today.

The secret is to embrace the power of each choice that you make today, and allow a momentum of good choices to push you through to your goal.

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