The Summer holidays are on the horizon, and with them comes two straight months of eating too much, sweet indulgences, and missed workouts.

Then 2020 will begin with you 5-10 kilograms heavier than you are today.

Ugh. No thanks.

What if you spent just 7 days turning your desire for fitness into action. Dropping excess kilos and getting your mind into better shape? Then you could be ready and engaged for a summer body challenge before the year ends. I find that most of my clients get a shock when they join my more focused and goal-driven accountability programs. They feel overwhelmed and of course, life gets in the way and a few fall off. So I’ve introduced precursor programs, which will be their shock absorber before the actual Challenge begins.

If you want to get into shape then you MUST be mentally ready and prepared. Have your calendar mapped out, food mapped out, goals mapped out and an accountability system ready for you to be followed upon.

Would it not be great entering the New Year feeling fabulously fit and confident. Instead of believing you are going to start in the New Year (which by the way never works if you do not have a coach). Why not be in better shape before the year ends and start the new year on another level?

Sounds good, right?

Follow these 5 steps to get ahead of the game and get the mind ready for fitness transformation.

1) Go Bread Free: Going bread-free for 7 days is such a simple way to accelerate fat loss. Just think of all the extra carbs and calories that you’ll be saving yourself from. And it’s not so bad, once you get used to it. Wrap sandwiches and burgers in lettuce or on top of a pile of greens. Or limit yourself to 2 wholewheat slices per day.

2) Workout 5x’s Each Week: Take the next 7 days to really focus your efforts on doing some exercise. Train as if you were preparing for my upcoming program, with the mindset that each and every workout is important in seeing you through your goal. Make a log of each time that you exercise, noting how you feel, the intensity you gave and the quality form you produced.

3) Go Sugar-Free: Sugar is the biggest thing holding you back when it comes to dropping fat and getting lean. And not just refined sugar. I’m talking about all sugars. Take the next 7 days to cut out all sweeteners even. Limit your fruit intake for pre-workout meals only. This will be hard at first, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but experiencing this initial shock is good to know and experience. Knowing you can handle this discipline is a fantastic incentive to keep going.

4) Focus on Protein and Veggies: Enough about all the things you can’t eat, let’s talk about what you can eat. Your meals should be a variety of protein and veggies. For protein stick with organic, hormone-free meat that has been roasted, baked or grilled. For veggies, avoid starchy veggies like potatoes 5 days of a 7 day week, and instead stick with an assortment of colorful, fiber-filled veggies.

5) Commit to be Fit: The quickest way to get your body into tip-top shape is to join one of my Summer Body Challenges. I’m here to get you into the best shape of your life, with a proven, effective system. Make the commitment now, and together we can make your summer body a reality.

Remember, the next 7 days are going to pass whether you jump on board with getting that fitness mindset or not. So you’re going to spend the next 7 days simply getting older and more out-of-shape OR you could buckle down and finally make your amazing transformation.

The choice is yours.