Do you Schedule and Commit to It?

The most common reason we skip a workout goes something like this: “I am just too busy today; I can’t fit exercise into my routine.”

Whether you are brand new to EFF, or you simply went back to old unhealthy habits, there’s always a way to get back on track.

Member Amiena says, as a stay at home mom she easily fell into unhealthy habits because she was eating unconsciously and not making time for herself. She seriously wanted to lose some of the extra baby weight and was introduced to EFF.

“After 3 months of being on the programme I lost 8 kg’s, I look forward to losing more weight and feeling fitter and healthier not just for myself but for my kids. I like the class schedule EFF offers it works perfectly for me it’s convenient and easy. I get my workout done in the morning and it sets my day. EFF has taught me to do my workout properly, my form has improved. I can actually feel that I’ve had a workout and it’s such a good feeling to fit back into old clothes from before my pregnancy”.

It’s time to do some hard prioritizing. Take your first step.

We understand that it’s hard to commit to something that you don’t know but why not start today? Start by becoming more conscious about what you eat and working out smarter you could quickly shed a few kilos and achieve your goal body.