It’s those unicorns who click into consistency that see the big changes and experience the joy and triumph of real accomplishment.

How to become more effective during COVID-19?

Building a routine for peak performance can be difficult when you’re experiencing a lack of motivation, energy, and dealing with and the immense pressures of what we are currently facing as the world enters lockdown in response to COVID-19.

Manage outcomes, not activities

One of the most important tips is to set clear and tangible goals for your day without getting hung up on the process.

Don’t set descriptive goals like ‘today I’m going to work out’. Try to be much clearer, with tangible instructions like ‘at 8:30 am I’m going to train using the EFF 30 minute bodyweight at-home workout – scheduled to be completed 9:35 am ‘.

Plan all your tasks for the day, with the exact time you want it to be done and accomplished and make sure everything that you’ve completed is marked off before moving onto the next task.

It’s important that mark off your tasks, so you can prioritise those ones that still need to be completed!

If your daily routine has been affected by the lockdown just remember that tasks may require a more concentrated effort at first, but after consistently following your routine for a couple of days you’ll see that you will quickly get into a new rhythm.

Just focus on being more specific and intentional than usual. Set tangible deliverables and manage outcomes – rather than activities – where possible.

Your biggest success will come through consist exercise and determination to achieve greatness for yourself.