The emotions you feel each day can compel you to take action and influence the decisions you make both large and small.

For member Fay life before committing to an exercise and eating plan was very challenging. She struggled to keep up with her friends, she experienced shortness of breath when trying to be active, she suffered from joint pains and never really felt she was capable of losing the weight.

“At first I didn’t believe it when the coach said to me that I could lose between 5 to 10 Kgs in just one month because I’ve struggled before. I did a week trial and was hesitant to get onto the scale. I lost 2 kgs in my trial week and thought to myself if this is what I can lose in one week what am I capable of in a month”.

In just 4 weeks Fay lost 7 kg’s and feels more confident and motivated than ever before.

Having experienced a particular emotion, you can either have a positive outlook and allow the impulse to push you further or you can allow no results to affect you negatively and do nothing to improve your chances of getting the body you desire!

We want to help you discover your motivation in 2020. In a few days, we begin our 6 Week New Year Revolution Challenge, it’s easy, take action now or let this opportunity pass you by.