Like many things, working out is all about perspective and your attitude towards it.

There’s no question starting an exercise routine is hard and you’ll probably hate it simply because you’re pushing yourself way harder without even realizing it. 

For member Keisha, it all started with a shift in the way she thought about working out and eating healthy. Having issues with walking to work, painful knees and ankles were no longer an option for her and that is when she realized enough was enough.

It was more than just making a decision to follow a healthier lifestyle it was about actively making a change and commitment.

Decide on something and make sure that decision is carried out through action. Keisha says “my biggest accomplishment is losing 6 kg’s in 6 weeks, it was hard, but very thrilling at the same time because it was exciting and I enjoyed it”.



It’s pointless to make a decision and have it played out in your head, but not doing anything about it. That’s the same as not making a decision at all.

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