Welcome back to episode 3 of EFF’s Magical Monday live stream, we’re discussing, moving forward through chaos and noise as opposed to contracting and staying stagnant.

Yes, the reality is that no one was ready for it and for many the biggest shock was the uncertainty. But, in essence, this is the perfect storm and we realized now more than ever before the importance of keeping our engines running.

Here are some lessons >>> You cannot freeze in the face of fear. Because it is your ability to adapt and progress that will ultimately define your success.

Don’t grow tired, ask yourself the question how far are you willing to go to find your passion and energy? And to use what you have at your disposal, to weather the storm, to find new ways of sustaining yourself in times of uncertainty and into the future.

This is your invitation to create and to innovate –  as well as to solve problems. There are beautiful days ahead let’s remain focused and consistent in finding and striving for what we believe in.

Your adaptability and resilience is your greatest strength and as individuals, we are ethically obligated to sharing our missions and visions and being the worlds best fighter jets!



Be Inspired, Team EFF