The first step in achieving great results is to ensure that you have set a specific and clear goal for yourself.

We realize that commitment can sometimes be hard, but it doesn’t have to be, commitment can be simple if you have a game plan and you stick to it.

Member Melissa achieved outstanding results by following this simple rule. She went from 116 Kgs to an amazing 95 Kgs that is in total 21kg fat loss. Melissa achieved this by tracking her nutrition, being fully committing to her workouts and keeping her end goal in mind.

Separate yourself from everyone else by committing to a process that works for you. A good way to get started is to break down the end-goal by targeting small wins every day just like Melissa did see below!


As time goes on, you will see so much improvement and you may even already have daily wins without you realising it.You will see you have formed the ‘habit’ of exercising, as well as becoming stronger and more fit despite previously not knowing how to best get started.

Know what is good for you in the long term versus what you want to do right now.
Don’t ever give up on your end goal, stick to your game plan and you will see phenomenal results.If you would like to try our Free At-Home workouts – CLICK HERE NOWwe release a brand new at-home workout every week. There’s a whole bunch of workouts already waiting for you and the entire family to do at-home during this lockdown.

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