Welcome back to another episode of EFF’s Magical Monday live stream, in this video today we are talking about leadership and how you can build something to last!

Just because you’re at home right now doesn’t mean you can’t continue working on yourself. 

Think about what you’d like to accomplish – whether it’s losing a few kilos, finally focusing on your side business or simply doing that one thing you’ve always wanted to pursue.

Your drive to pursue your goal can be done, you just need to get it done and quit focusing on the “what if’s”. 

​​”What if” scenarios will only cause you to not take any action. Our emotions can sometimes get the better of us and result in holding us down and away from unlocking our true potential.

Don’t let negativity and the feeling of powerlessness control you. Focus all your energy and attention on your growth and to leading the path you have ahead of you. 

You’re a leader, you were built to last, and with a little bit of forethought, planning combined with hardcore focus and drive, great things can come. 

Be devoted to your mission and remember that you have control. 

Don’t miss the end of this video we’re sharing the 4 key finding ideas on how to withstand any downfall by charismatic visionary leader watch below.