Welcome back to another episode of EFF’s Magical Monday live stream, in this video today we are talking about having the driving force to create your success.
Yes the resulting distancing and lockdown, has had an impact on many lives as well as businesses. Thousands are now unemployed, and companies continue to shut down daily.
People fear their health and the health of their loved ones. They’re afraid of the future and the long-term effects of the infection and so much more.
We cannot stress this enough, it is so important to maintain a sense of hope and create plans to stick on the horizon. Regardless of what setbacks you may experience, dig deep within yourself to find your drive and keep your head focused on your successes and being extraordinary.
This crisis has prohibited a lot of things at the moment but staying focused on your hopes and ambitions will inspire you to look beyond the present time and towards a brighter future.
Stop comparing yourself to others, know yourself and your strengths. When you form small daily acts of courage you’ll start to form the necessary strength to build your discipline.
Together we can break the barriers of anxiety over the future. Let’s motivate each other and be problem solvers instead of problem seekers or problem activators.
Don’t lose focus, always keep your goals at the forefront of your attention because that’s how you’ll set your success drive on fire.
Be Inspired, Team EFF