Welcome back to episode 10 of EFF’s Magical Monday live stream, in this video today we are talking about setting clear goals and learning to expand your boundaries.
Ever felt like you had a deep desire for wanting to achieve something but turns out to be quite abstract when trying to articulate it or put to action?

Firstly, be crystal clear about what you want to achieve and start mapping your plan of action. There’s no purpose in playing safe, just make the first move, do the necessary research, get the data and get it done.

This is related to going out of your comfort zone, it is expanding your boundaries by setting your mind to do whatever you want to do and finding a way to execute it.

The beauty of it all is when you push yourself beyond your limits you discover your inner potential and everything you never knew thought you already possessed.

The point is to extend yourself – in the sense of making an effort and to become big. Pushing out against limits will light you up; the stimulation of the new lifts the spirits and energises life beyond what you can imagine.
Let your ideas emerge and get ready for your growth.

Be inspired Team EFF.