Welcome to another new episode of our Monday Motivation Live Stream.

Continue reading… Today’s message is on mastering your emotional steam and understanding where some of your aggression comes from.

It is said that having a very important goal in mind happens to create emotional steam.

We must go out after what we want aggressively and grattle problems with aggression. 

We were all designed with emotional steam. Trouble occurs when we are blocked or frustrated in achieving our goals and the emotion that comes thereof is emotional steam which boils up and seeks an outlet.

When these emotions are misdirected or unused it becomes a destructive force.  
People express their emotions differently but in this example, it is released through aggressive behaviour and tendencies (listen to the video for more examples on this human expression). 

You can turn this aggression upon yourself when you lash out blindly. 
Rather try to understand your aggression than trying to eradicate it. 

Remember your days are your life, what you do daily creates your future and ultimately defines your destiny in life. 

Don’t go through life not fulfilling your goals, be mindful that any goal you have has a starting point and a destination to reach. 

You are capable of elevating yourself as you march towards your best life. 

Your days turn into weeks, your weeks turn into months and eventually reaching a place of greatness. Every single day is one to shape your future, through actions, decisions, emotions and the way you express yourself.

Be inspired Team EFF.