Congratulations on making it this far team EFF and building and learning new things that have added greater value onto the EFF Bootcamp product. Well done team-best is yet to come!

These have undoubtedly been some very trying times for virtually everyone across the globe. As we now have the opportunity to look back at the pandemic, it reinforces just how important our health and mindset is. As a fitness and health coach, you are on the frontlines of helping people achieve one of the most precious things in life, health. On behalf of the thousands of EFF BOOTCAMP clients we serve.

Congratulations on your dedication and passion for Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives Everyday and not giving into FEAR that could have easily told us to do nothing and WAIT! Instead, we build something awesome together and we followed the vision on where we can take this product together. Not a lot of companies get to experience a winning formula only the best in WORLD get to experience longevity and continued growth. I Salute our team for our continued small wins!

This EFF Bootcamp Reopening Protocol is your guide to safely and successfully reopen your doors to your clients and community. Because it will be quite sometime before the threat and fear of COVID-19 is gone completely, there will continue to be both a social obligation and government oversight to ensure the number of virus cases does not spike again.

To summarise this document and ensure you are set up for success, here are the bullet points you will need to follow as you reopen your Boot Camp. Please note, this Reopening Protocol is a requirement for all EFF Bootcamp locations to follow and is subject to change in response to future government mandates.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

• We waiting 7 days to reopen to clients following the waiting of government approval. We plan on opening up June 29th, 2020. In this time, you will start preparing your team, clients, and gym by following this protocol.

• Set up the Client Staging Area and Stay In Place training areas.

• Completely clean and sanitize your Bootcamp and all equipment using your Hygiene company, Perla

• Upon opening your gym doors, follow the Client Staging, Stay In Place Training, Post Session Cleaning and End of DayCleaning Protocols.

What to do:

Use the velcro tape to mark off ten (10-12) 2m x 2m boxes. As your clients arrive, a Coach should ensure they immediately move to a designated position within the staging area. Check that they have their water bottle and towels, and mark them down as having arrived, so they are checked in.

Once all clients have arrived, or it is time to begin the session, prop open the entrance door, and begin welcoming them in, one at a time. Prior to walking into your studio, provide hand sanitizer and they must remove their shoes in the designated shoe area. Have them step out and onto the gym floor on their socks or barefoot. (The bottoms of shoes carry a significant amount of germs).

Once in the studio, point out which section will be their training area and start on time. The estimated time to get all 10 clients into your gym is less than 5 minutes.


Items Needed in Bathrooms:

• Signs in the bathroom mirror and door

• Hand Soap

• Spray Bottles (3) – 1 in the toilet and 1 at the basin

• Perla to supply disinfectant

• Paper Towels

• Hand Sanitizer immediately outside the restroom at the front desk with a paper towel


Sessions will begin on the hour from 5:30 am until 8:30 am and from 9:30 until 14:30 and again from 16:30 until 18:30.

Because of the limited number of clients that will be allowed in at one time, it will be essential that your clients book their session times half hour before class starts. You will need to over-communicate to your clients the process of booking their sessions half hour before class starts, how to cancel if they will not be able to attend, the importance of arriving on time, and any temporary policies on how many in-gym sessions they will be permitted to attend each week/month while the capacity restrictions are in place.

Each session will remain 35-45 minutes in duration.

Following the conclusion of each session, the hygiene company and coach will ensure they follow the post-session cleaning protocol (below) and thoroughly sanitize each station, all equipment used during the session, the restroom and all surfaces using the CDC recommended cleaning solution.***Clients are not permitted to clean their own station or any other portion of the gym. If a client wants to help they may do so.


Session Booking Time: 5:00 am – 5:30 amSession Time: 5:30am – 6:15Clean and Sanitize: 6:15 am – 6:30 am

At the conclusion of each day, a thorough and deep cleaning will take place in the interior space. All equipment, surfaces, and restroom(s) are to be cleaned and sanitized. See “End of day cleaning protocol” below. As an additional method of sanitizing, Perla will be using a sanitizing fogger.



To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, clients will remain inside their designated 2m x 2m training area throughout the entire session. All equipment needed will be pre-staged. Should a client need any equipment or exercise modifications, they will inform the Coach(s) and the Coach will make the adjustments, ensuring any equipment moving from one station to another, is first sanitised. Clients should not leave their training area during the session unless they need to use the restroom.
In that case, the client should ensure the restroom is not already in use (by observing the door is open) and take the designated route. The designated route should ensure that clients remain a minimum of 2 meters apart. Keep in mind, there should be adequate spacing between and around the boxes to prevent clients from getting within 2 meters of each other. There should be a space for coaches to walk in between each box.
Take inventory of all training equipment available to you and begin developing your programming. Then place the appropriate equipment at each training station and follow designed exercise templates. Once programming and station set up are complete, the final step is to fully sanitize each station and all equipment. See Post
Session Protocol for details.
Post Session and End Of Day Cleaning Protocol



At the conclusion of each session, ensure a Coach props open the exit doors so clients do not have to touch them. Ask your clients to not meet with anyone in the
Staging Area. Once all clients have left, close the studio doors, and complete the following with the hygiene companies.
1. Restroom – Clean all surfaces, mirrors, handles, and any other area a client may have touched while using the restroom.
2. Gym surfaces – The virus can travel to surfaces via sneezing and coughing. In addition, with clients breathing heavily throughout the session, out of an abundance of caution, wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant.
3. Vacuum mats – In preparation for disinfecting your mats, the first vacuum to collect all debris.
4. Disinfect equipment – Using disinfectant spray and a clean rag, thoroughly wipe down each piece of equipment at the
client’s workout stations.
5. Sanitize Mats – Lastly, using a pump sprayer, disinfect your mats using a 1 to 100 dilution of bleach to water which should be provided by your hygiene company.
You do want to be cautious of spraying your velcro, as the solution may discolor the strips.
• Please note, do not over-saturate your mats while spraying. Only a light misting of the solution is needed. Mats should not be wet following post-session


Cleaning at the end of the day will include all of the Post Session Protocol, however, your hygiene company should both spray your mats and use a sanitising fogger. Foggers will fill your gym with a disinfectant that allows for you and your clients to safely return the following morning.


We anticipate the need for continued online training for the following reasons:
1. We build an awesome working system that is serving our clients very well and getting better every step of the way.
2. As part of the EFF Bootcamp Reopening Protocol, EFF Bootcamp locations will wait a minimum of 7 days to offer in-person sessions. In doing so, it will allow you and your coaches to come together, prepare the gym/staging area, finalize programming, and ensure that your clients understand the process. In addition, there may be “flare-ups” of the virus where stay at home orders may be put back in place, and gyms/businesses required to quickly re-close. We will want to monitor this to avoid even further pivoting and disruption to your business and client experience.
3. We also anticipate that while many clients may be ready and eager to come back to our gyms as soon as possible, others may not be ready. We have to be prepared to accommodate the clients who choose to take the “wait and see” approach to whether or not there will be any flare-ups of the virus before they will be willing to come out of quarantine.
4. You will have limited session times available for the foreseeable future. As such, we have planned an offering of a “blended” training model of both online and in-person sessions.
5. Some of our clients have come to love the online training model and might even prefer it. Whether it’s a parent that has kids out of school for the remainder of the year, a client that fit the high-risk category of the virus, a first responder on shift work, or for some other reason, we know that many clients are
really enjoying the flexibility of online training and coaching, and plan to continue even after gyms open. We have created the perfect solution for our product and our
clients. EFF Bootcamp Online. Now our clients have an online membership option that includes all of the coaching, nutrition, support, guidance, and training they need to keep seeing results and achieving their goals. With our new online training product, we are able to deliver high touch, high community, high accountability, personalized training and coaching solution to our clients. Simply click here to create your account