EFF Bootcamp VS Covid-19


Please help us keep everyone safe by following the below safety protocols. Thank you!

  1. Please make sure you have booked your session for the day using the Itensity application.
  1. Please stay within the designated staging area and observe the assigned positions for appropriate distancing. A member of our team will invite you into the studio when we are ready to start your session.
  1. Prior to entering the studio, your Coach will check you into your session. Please take off your shoes and use sanitiser for your hands.
  1. Masks are recommended, but not required if it is restricting your fresh air-flow and making you feel dizzy. Restricting fresh air during exercise can cause a dizzy feeling.
  1. Upon entering the studio, please go to the designated area that has been set up for your bootcamp session and lay down your XL towel or yoga mat. The equipment you need for your session will be waiting for you. Please leave your belongings with your shoes and set them down in the pigeon hole locker area.
  1. If you need any modified equipment, do not retrieve it yourself. Please notify your Coach and they will be happy to assist you. This includes trading equipment with someone around you.
  1. If you need to use the restroom during your session, please observe the sanitation guidelines found inside the restroom. It is important that all surfaces touched are wiped down with the provided cleaning materials. If the restroom is in use, please wait in your 2m distant area until the restroom is available.
  1. At the conclusion of your session, please gather your personal belongings and use the provided hand sanitiser at the exit. You do not have to worry about sanitising your area. Our hygiene team has a comprehensive sanitising protocol that is followed after each session and at the end of each day.
  1. Following your session, please observe the social distancing guidelines and do not congregate closely with fellow boot-campers waiting in the staging area.