EFF New Membership

These membership changes will be immediate membership changes which will go into full effect from September 1st 2020. These membership changes only apply immediately to brand new members and from September 1st for alumni members who are off their contracts paying month to month. This does not apply to members under any current contract. Only once a contract is done do the following apply.

Even with these precautions in place, we realise that some of our members still may not feel comfortable coming back into the studio and that is why we’re committed to keeping our EFF Bootcamp Online coaching available so that we can continue to serve our members at home with the same results-driven workouts that you’ll find at your local EFF Bootcamp. So from July 1st, everyone will restart on R499 for both offline and online membership. From August 1st everyone will go back onto original membership fee and contracts. We have relieved all members who did not want to use our online service so all contracts will continue from July 1st at R499 and August 1st at original rates. All frozen memberships will continue once the freeze period is exhausted. Should you wish not to subscribe to both our online and/or offline services then a cancellation payment method will be provided to you. 


 We will only have one contract subscription membership, one Paid in Full subscription, one Month to Month subscription and our online subscription. We are also moving onto a new system to manage our payments.

Offline Bootcamp: All offline subscriptions include the Full Online service 

12 Month Membership subscription: R999 per month 

12 month Paid if Full subscription: R9990

Month to Month subscription: R1499 per month (New Members only)
R999 (off contract alumni members only-due to current COVID conditions as well as adding more value onto the product we serve.

EFF Bootcamp our best yet to come. All Alumni members who are still with EFF Bootcamp will reserve the right to R999 per month no contract.
New signups will be R1499. 

Online Bootcamp subscription: R599 per month