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Shape Up On The Proven Method For Exponential Fitness + Body Transformation

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Are you satisfied with your belly fat?

Join EFF Boot Camp in the newest Fit Body Challenge Programme as we motivate you to stay focused and take massive action towards your belly fat goals.

Get immediate access to this powerful fitness formula and flat belly programme for only R599 (worth R1599)

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This programme will include:

How to clean up your diet like a pro

We don’t believe in giving you diet shakes and magic pills. At the heart of our programme is our fitness based exercises and nutritional support that can serve any level of fitness and any dietary need. We will ensure you are improving your fitness and eating the optimal amounts of nutrient based real foods to optimize your body’s ability to burn as much fat as possible over the 28 days.

Support and Accountability

You will be introduced to our team of passionate coaches and helpful members who will help guide you every step of the way. Our amazing team will hold you accountable during class and after class. Your weekly progress reports will keep you motivated and accountable. We with you every single step of the way so you will never feel alone and lost.

140 Sessions offered over 28 days

Of which you only required to do 16 sessions over the 29 days to get massive results. We can offer you up to 7 classes per day, so that you can find the time to slot a session in. All sessions are lead by a personal trainer to keep you safe and motivated.

When you invest in The Innovative Fitness Formula today, you’ll receive:

Done -For -You Workouts

Scientifically designed workouts that are made to give results in the safest and supportive way possible.

The Actionable Workbook and Meal Plan

A 4 week Progress book that guides you over your improvements. A meal plan that implements your consistent clean  eating.

Highly Supportive Training Enviroment

To help you stay inspired as well as lock in all the new ideas you’ll learn.

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At this extraordinary price, this is truly your opportunity of a lifetime.

Enroll today to make sure you get access to this training before it’s too late!

Only R599

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Garth Hendricks Profile

My name is Garth Hendricks and I am a certified Exercise Scientist specialising in weight loss and body transformation. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2003, personal training people to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

Today I own and operate Explosive Functional Fitness Boot Camp and I’m able to help more people as an Exercise Scientist by running boot camp workouts that deliver amazing fat loss workouts in a fun, supportive, high energy and non-intimidating environment.

Our boot camp is the only indoor fitness boot camp in South Africa that promises to deliver the results or you don’t pay a dime – GUARANTEED. That’s how serious I am about the results that we deliver!

Remember, this Fitness Programme is worth R1599, yet
you can claim it all today for ONLY R599 and discover:

A framework to implement 28 Days of massive action.

How to avoid the setbacks most people fall into that prevents their results and consistency.

How to get results in the shortest time possible.

“To me EFF was the match that ignited a burning desire…”

I started EFF in 2012, more as a tag-along to my wife’s great “let’s get beach ready” idea. Coming to the first class the mind was filled with “what the hell have I gotten myself into”, “Man, I am probably going to look like a fool”, “check these okes out, you sure this is not the advanced class” all these notions disappear once the class starts and everyone is pushing as hard as they can. It took me a few camps to realise that EFF classes as the only form of exercise, leaving after and continuing with “bad eating” habits, etc is not what EFF is about. To me EFF was the match that ignited a burning desire (not the burning caused by frog jumps) to be as fit as I can be, things really happen when the mindset changes and you take that step to really commit to the “program”. The change in form/appearance is really a by-product of the increase in fitness. It is essentially a lifestyle change, and definitely one for the better. I started EFF weighing in at 84kg (size 34 waist), I am now 70kg (size 30 waist) and feeling fitter and lighter than I have ever been…I FEEL GOOD. I have been able to maintain this weight for the last couple of months without it being a struggle – this is what it is all about. I am not yet exactly where I want to be but I know I am able to get there…with the right mind and EFF

– Deon Tong

“My number one thing I love about my body since joining EFF…”

I thought I would share my number one thing I love about my body since joining EFF back in February 2012. Before I get to that, let me tell you about my lifestyle pre-EFF. I weighed 86kg’s, ate take-aways too often, constantly felt sluggish and hid behind baggy clothes. One day it just clicked in my head that I was terribly uncomfortable in my own skin and that needed to change. My brother told me about EFF and we decided to join together (for different reasons of course). Fast forward to November 2012, after being a loyal EFF’er for 10 months, my life was completely transformed. I not only managed to slim down to 68kg’s and begin enjoying eating healthily, but I had so much energy and needed a complete wardrobe overhaul. I honestly could not have done this without EFF and the support of yourself, my family and my EFF family. One motivator sticks in my mind, and it is something that you always used to ask me. You used to ask “Do you have that fitness feeling Lyndall?” The first time you asked me that question, I had no clue what you were on about! I asked you to explain and you tried your best to explain your question to me but it still went over my head. You then said “It’s hard to explain but you will know when you have the fitness feeling”. In October 2012, I FINALLY felt the fitness feeling for the first time. It is something that I have difficulty explaining but it is such an awesome feeling that I never want to let go of. I strive to regularly have that fitness feeling. Thank you so much Garth for being such an inspiring trainer, motivator and friend! I really appreciate all of the effort you have put into Explosive Functional Fitness and for helping me to feel that ‘fitness feeling’.

– Lyndell Thomas

A question for you: What is feeling healthier and looking slimmer worth to you?

Just R599

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