To our family of EFF Bootcamp clients and staff,

As EFF Bootcamp studios wait to get the green light from government officials to open back up for business, we’re committed to our social obligation of safety and the wellbeing of our members and the communities that we serve. We waiting 7 days to reopen to clients following the waiting of government approval. We plan on opening up June 29th, 2020.

Just as EFF Bootcamp led the initiative mid-March to close the doors of our studios across both locations for the safety of our members and staff, we’re now leading the charge with a reopening protocol with that same safety and wellbeing of our members and staff in mind.

The EFF Bootcamp Protocol is an in-depth studio reopening process which takes social distancing, facility disinfecting and modified exercises programming into consideration to ensure that both members and staff are safe.

First, every member will be asked, not to enter the studio’s if you are feeling signs of colds or flu, therefore everyone must check their own temperature before entering EFF Bootcamp. Members will be asked to disinfect their hands inside the studio using the provided solution. Shoes will not be allowed onto the training floor to eliminate the transmission of viruses, germs, and bacteria into the studio. Our Functional Bootcamp socks with a special grip underneath can be purchased here.

Masks are recommended, but not required inside EFF Bootcamp if it is restricting your fresh air-flow and making you feel dizzy. We understand that restricting fresh air during exercise can cause a dizzy feeling and we will ensure that you do not feel ashamed to remove your mask if you feel safe to do so. You can purchase an EFF Bootcamp mask here.



Every EFF Bootcamp studio will limit the capacity of the training group to 10-12 people per class. Members will book a class 30 mins before each class starts. No bookings will be accepted outside the half-hour booking time before each class starts. The main reason is that this will prevent no shows and unused bookings by a good logical factor. Booking on the app is easy. Click here to follow the booking application to see how to register the app and book.

Each location will have several 2 x 2 meter floor spaces taped off for individual members to workout in. It’s a train in place method. During the session, each client will stay in their 2 x 2 meter space and only touch the piece of equipment reserved for them in their space. This eliminates cross contamination of equipment and space.

We have added more class times for members to choose from:

Monday to Friday Session Schedule




18:30 (Excluding Fridays)

Saturday Sessions Schedule



Every member must bring a XL beach towel and a sweat towel to each session. EFF Bootcamp Towels are available here. Cleaned, pressed and ready Rental Towels will also be available should you forget your towels.

After every workout session, once the members exit the facility, the hygiene staff Perla will do a thorough cleaning of the equipment and space used, as well as any surfaces that were touched, including the restrooms.

Only after a session has ended, members have exited, and the studio has been cleaned will the staff welcome the next group of members to disinfect their hands and take off their shoes before moving onto the workout floor and enter their
2 x 2-meter training space for the next session.

We’ve taken the extra precaution to create a member waiting area outside of the facility that has stickers designed to keep waiting for members safely spaced out.

Finally, at the end of each day, the Hygiene team will deep clean and disinfect the entire studio, equipment, restrooms, and surfaces to ensure the facility is clean and safe to use the following morning.

Even with these precautions in place, we realize that some of our members still may not feel comfortable coming back into the studio and that is why we’re committed to keeping our EFF Bootcamp Online coaching available so that we can continue to serve our members at home with the same results-driven workouts that you’ll find at your local EFF Bootcamp.

We realize that as a brand we have a social responsibility to our members, staff, and the communities that we serve and we’re fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of everyone during these unusual times.

To get the full EFF Bootcamp Protocol reopening document please click here.

To get the New Membership Structure for new members and alumni members off membership contract moving forward due to Covid-19, new added value offerings, increased hygiene protocols and increased staff hours click here.

Garth Hendricks